Some Photographs of the celtic festival in L'orient 2005

Here we have Dave and Jane from Scotland 


Left ..Dickie Deegan a pipe player with Seamus Ennis in his heart and a lovely rythmn on the whistle Great craic too...The sunsets over Lorient as the musicians head to their various meeting places

This woman found the music all too much ..she worked wonders with the Irish flag!!!

On the right is Samuel from breton he plays a Martin box with a wonderfull style

                                                                                 The Moulin rouge Paris.....

The Galway Inn scene of the Mighty sessions it's a great pub run by a Galway man Padraig. It had bar extensions till four am every night of the festival and it was availed of by all Met some old friends here including one i did not recognise Damien Stenson from Tubbercurry...magic music....



The little mermaid at the entrance to Copenhagen harbour

 Some pics here of Sweden and Norway


This is a floating sauna on Fjallnora naturist beach It gets towed out into the lake, sauna and a cool swim sure you cant beat it..

Illy of the valley is in flower now its scent fills the air in the forests there are also cowslips and starflowers. in bloom. On the right the linneaus museum in Stockholm there is also a botanic gardens here

Arctic circle

Land of the midnight sun both these jims_images taken after midnight 150k north of acrtic circle, the sun shines all night long the light is magical.

The moose are now after calving and have started to travel up the mountains for the Summer

Teaching Molly to Ski has taken a bit of time but she has it now....nearly


The Storosjen lake monster, a hard lad to track down much patience is required he's supposed to be 200 years old

A black mole just taking it easy






These flowers are the first ones to bloom after the snow must check out the botanical name

First swim of the year here in this pond it was not to big and yes quiet cool.. but what a fantastic place it gets quiet hot when the sun shines.


There are some mighty waterfalls this one is the biggest one here

Some new found friends...the picture date is wrong




on the left this fox arrived for supper one night  On the right the town of Mosjoen in North Norway

Session in Uppsala

Plenty of beavers here too



Sunsets and rises are beautiful


Moose are hard to get a sight off i have seen a few so far, a very graceful animal


Snow skis the only way to go and right a Viking burial ship 40 meters long in Norway

And how i would love to be in Dingle right now with a nice pint of Guinness

The house can be very decorative as this old one in Sweden

The moon as usual this time in Finland and Home for the night....