23rd  and  24th October 09


image40 Its a trip we had been planning for a while, and now it is long over due

I have many fond memories of Wexford from my earlier days , Long summer days spent in Park just outside Wexford town with my cousins. Carefree days spent fishing, exploring sand pits, searching for Faeirys at Jacks hole. Taking a boat on the slaney and almost going out to sea. Watching the huge eels in the traps so common in those days, as the arbutus flowered on the riverbank. Days spent in Fethard -on-Sea, South Wexford  with my grandparents.  Memories of Skinned rabbits, snares , pigs, donkeys .The ghost stories , particularily the Banshe, who would push a comb under the door, and if anyone dared to pick it up, their days on this earth would be numbered.. Also the freshly churned butter and buttermilk to go along with the freshly baked bread.....Life was simple  altough it was hard.

Anyway, Aniar is heading south we meet Padraig and Pat at the old Forge at  midday , the tigin is the ideal  transport Its a long trip to the hook from here, possibly 5 hours, so its fine to be able to stop off here and there to have lunch and stretch the legs.

But by six pm we are at the base camp, a Holiday cottage  well equipped #and cosy.. We are soon joined by Johnny and my Mother who have travelled down from Dublin. A few hours chill out and then its off to Molloys our first call of the weekend.


We are greeted by Clint the Barman with a warm welcome, at straight away we knew we were going to enjoy the Night , Judy sets about rigging up the PA , its automatic to her now having had plenty of practice over the past few years , We take the opportunity to sample the fine Guinnes on offer. Soon its time to Play and we kick offf with a few tunes , the Galway  rambler  followed by the London Lassies.

A video which sums it up here