Thursday 17th April 2008

Its Thursday  night and time for the regular session with Aniar, Gerry  is as usual the good humoured host.





It's  a busy night both in front and behind behind the bar as the band wind up the crowd, there is also  an exhibition of sean nos dancing  from a couple of regulars. Gerry the Fear an ti gives us a demonstration of jive dancing




ajimmy.jpg                                    Friday 18th

I dont care what you say he'll never get into those shoes!!

Tonight its back to Gerrys pub for a general party Some people travelled from Far and near for the craic We were treated to Local singers and some sean nos dancing. The pictures say it all




Saturday 19th


So here we are in Des Mc Donaghs Pub Its  a lovely Traditional pub near Heapstown, a house where many a tune has lifted the roof in days gone by, the atmosphere is tangable,  Des himself well known for his musical abilities joins us on the piano for a few tunes. We are also joined by  John on the drums and James B Brehony on the fiddle. Its a retirement function for a local postman and the house is packed with well wishers from far and near.


Sunday 20th


Its the Clogs gallagher weekend i so there is music a plenty in Spells house. The hen bar is tonights venue for us. Its an early session starting around 8 pm and is proving very popular.

On of the features of the Hen session is the Participation of the Audience Jim from Clare, John Cox and others  join in for a song ...or twoTheresa Sharkey



The French have landed , not in Killala but in Sligofgroup.jpg


Si vous ne connaissez pas le CRAIC….Passez faire un petit tour du côté de Ballymote, chez Jim et Jude…. Dix musiciens français passionnés de musique irlandaise étaient de passage pour une semaine fin avril au alentour de Sligo. Organisé par Jean Claude Philippe, violoniste professionnel mais aussi initiateur à la musique irlandaise, ce petit voyage d’étude s’est transformé en une succession de moments chaleureux et inoubliables. Chaque jour Jim et Jude nous ont fait découvrir des panoramas à couper le souffle, des  sites mégalithiques, des caves naturelles à flancs de collines … Chaque soir, un nouveau pub , de nouveaux  musiciens … Pour tous les moments

magiques vécus durant cette folle semaine Merci à Jim Noctor, Jude Smyth, Peter Horan, Pat Finn, Francis Coleman, Pat Curley, Seamus Hernon, Paul mc Mahon, Verona Henry…. mais aussi au Gerrys pub , Teds house the Roisin Dubh et le Teach Murray de , au Durkin's Pub de Ballina, au Foley's et  McGarrigles de Sligo…. 

Monday 21st

The regular  monday night session  with Peter Horan and Joe Clancy. We are joined by the Visiting French musicians, there are about 10 of them it is a mighty session  and leaves us all with a buzz.



Tuesday 22nd

This time its Teds house   Where we are treated to some Great French music and song. Amanda the fiddle player seen here  on the right  Is self taught and has a great individual style .It is great to still be able to find musicians like her.




Wednesday 23rd


Mc garrigals in Sligo is tonights venue Where Seamus Hernon and Paul mc Mahon play a regular sessionaancg.jpg

Its a packed house no room for dancing here.

We do get a few songs from a visiting Dublin man however.





Thursday 24th

So how quick the week has gone and its back to Sligo tonight for a Session with our guests. What a night the music is dazzling and passes so fast. We are treated to some French songs and tunes including one of my favourites the Tune for a found harmonium..The video clips may not do it justice. Jean Claud the groups musical teacher has made a purchase in Sligo and is busy showing it off much to the groopies delight




Tonight its the session in Ballinacarrow where Verona Henry has a weekly session.We are joined by the last few remaining French  Musicians This is a unique house every friday we are treated to the best homecooked food . The session is visited by a local singers club which adds another dimension to the night which flys by...soon its morning


bbensons.jpgWe are in  in Roosky Tonight and are joined by Tom Meehan on the Flute Seamus on Fiddle and Geraldine Horan on Fiddle This is an old house where down through the years the roof has been lifted on many an occasaion by the tunes, and tonight is no different. Oh the Smell of turf...what you think Benoit..


The hatch regular session with Aniar and guests.


Back to Leitrim where it alll starts over again, But for now its a walk aroung Lough Talt for a breath of air

So there you have it a week of tunes ,and of course its not all about the  tunes the social gatherings are very important here in the west, and with the government slowly trying to isolate us with closing post offices and having a good go at closing the pubs which  is a very important part of rural life.