Night with a difference

The Ballyboughal black and white ceili

The seed was sown, Shay announced the theme at dance classes for two weeks in advance. Wendy printed posters and flyers and handed them out to dancers, now it was wait and see, who would take up the challenge? It was exciting, the build up, finding the right outfits.


the theme is Black and White (in colour).Inspired by the Pig Dyke Molly's at the Straw Bear festival. The funkier the better, it was not going to be easy for everyone to let their hair down (excuse the pun), but fingers crossed, some might throw caution to the wind.....




Pig Dyke Molly's









We scoured the charity shops, something we have gotten good at, since our hunt for kilts in Scotland. We had mighty craic putting outfits together. It was stripes for me, and Jimmy well, his got stranger by the minute, with his long hair being his crowning glory.


Ceili night arrived and off we go, not knowing what to expect. Driving into Ballyboughil we could see some black and white in the distance, great, we were not alone. A few dancers had arrived early and what a sight to behold, all were in black and white. The fun was already started with

everyone buzzing about, dazzled by each others outfits.






Wendy and Breege were outstanding, the time and effort they put into their homemade costumes took the biscuit. As each person arrived, all eyes were on the door, one after another dancers appeared, without exception all wore black and white.



There were a couple of chef's, one claiming to be a pastry cook, not sure what his speciality was ! Shay looked set for the alter as did Gerry, there were stripes, polka dots, diagonals, and wigs on the green what a spectacle.
Looks like Ceili night in Ballyboughil will never be the same again. Some teenage boys on the street who are bemused by the sight came to the door for a closer look, ( dancers of the future ? who knows).






Hillery lost her voice while dancing in Kerrry likely story!

Ditch that apron Hillery, it's someone else's turn.





Then everyone settled down to some dancing, with a waltz thrown in, and all washed down with the finest music, what a night the pictures speak for themselves.

Where to from here?



bbgroupDancers and musicians take to the floor in Ballyboughal