Well what can you say........kaleidoscope
Anyone for fishing....


Mick and Catherine Barrett


The Ballyboughal set dance classes have been running now for about fifteen years. It's continued success is due to the dedication of Shay White and Hillery Somers also to the support of some of the original dancers including Mick and Catherine Barrett, David lynch, Peter Dungan, and others who were missed by their absence on the sixties night (christmas is coming) So the theme nights have now become a part of the monthly live nights, which contribute to the sense of fun and community spirit. CeilĂ­s take place on the last thursday of the month. All are welcome. The Ballyboughal Allstars Band pull out all the stops for the music and entertainment , which at times can be quiet lively and wild...come if you're daring !

not for the faint hearted!!!

Rock and roll man

Far out

All we are saying...... is give peace a chance


Let your hair down dude!!!
Power to the people

Concertina rules man


Pretty in pink

Band on the run

Be sure to wear some flowers in your hair


Hey there dudes ......who the guys in the weird threads

Love and peaceTantra rules